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Ishmi Luxurious Beauty Food / Ishmi Lavish Gifts

Welcome to a world of Ishmi Luxurious Beauty Food where science meets with consciousness through our ancient wisdom Ayurveda.

Here all your skin & hair care needs are available from the lap of nature which is mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic skin remedies. These remedies are used by Devi-Devtas or King-Queens for their mesmerizing beauty. Our brand “Ishmi Luxurious Beauty Food” serving you traditional Ayurvedic beauty food to fulfill your beauty needs which is the biggest necessity of yours. This is the Indian beauty brand that explore and serves the ancient Ayurvedic formulas. Its miraculous traditional formulas are made by very skilled Ayurvedic Post Graduate and very experienced doctors with its originality that works scientifically and efficiently.

We formulate the “Lavish Gifts” for your skin through edible oils like sesame, almond, coconut oils, fats like shea butter, cocoa butter and various skin ailments curing herbs of Ayurveda. What is Lavish Gifts ? Lavish Gifts are our products but we didn’t say or write it products or cosmetics because we handcraft it as lavish gifts to give actually visible results to make your skin alluring and lucrative, which will be actually lavish gifts for you and everyone.

We also handcraft our lavish gifts as food of the skin. Actually skin glows or shines and toned when it will nourished and healthy. So, we handcraft our lavish gifts from miraculous herbs and edible oils of Ayurveda for deep nourishment of the skin. That’s why we named our lavish gifts as “Beauty Food”

Our believe is that our formulation should be as much better to satisfy the skincare needs of everyone. So our priority is that to make the formulations with “Use Always” quality that’s why we don’t write try once in our formulations.

You are “Our Believers” not customers because you faith on us that you will be beautiful by using our products. All the companies advertise their products that it makes you beautiful and you believe on that. So you are believers not customers. Keeping this fact on mind we handcraft our skincare formulas to satisfy our believers. We are committed to fulfil that promise to you; our basic fundamental principle is making the lavish gifts with “Believers Faith Formula”.

So, fulfil all the skin & hair care necessity of yours we made “Beauty food” as “Lavish gifts” with “Believer’s faith formula” and “Use always quality” for our GENEROUS BELIEVERS that are - YOU the ultimate soul.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on giving happiness to “Our Believers” through providing mesmerizing beauty by our Lavish Gifts. Looking beautiful is the true essence of every one’s life. Keeping this goal in mind we are manufacturing our Lavish Gifts through the expertise of eminent Ayurvedic doctors.

Edible oil based skin & hair care range with potent Ayurvedic herbs is our excellency. It cures root cause of skin or hair problems and provides glow in skin and growth in hair with deep nourishment which is not possible through chemical based products.

Our formulations are based on the principles of Ayurveda which is the base of mesmerizing beauty of Devi-Devtas or King-Queens.

Make your skin naturally healthy through edible organic oils which are the food of skin. These oils are described in our ancient science of life – “Ayurveda”. This is true that if you feed your skin with natural or organic substances such as herbs, herb extracts, edible organic oils, organic butters, organic waxes and colours of crude herbs; you get benefited with its properties as well as its energy, which is the basic need to rejuvenate your skin.

Beauty begins with truth

Since 2015 we have been researching skincare ingredients to make really “Lavish Gifts” for the community to believe on us with “Use Always Formula”. We were trying to make lavish gifts with use always quality whereas other companies produce their products with try once formula. We don’t believe in try once quality and our principles didn’t give permission for it.

Following the facts and standing up for the humanity, because you deserve products that work exactly as they claim to. After lot of research we formulate Ayurveda principle based, efficacious, natural & premium skin & hair care range that transform your skin & hair.

We carefully formulate our products without artificial dyes or fragrances to minimize the risk of sensitivity.

About our Ishmi Luxury Beauty Food

We founded this company with one goal- help humanity and uncover the true beauty by our mother nature.

Over 06 years ago we set out to discover which Ayurveda herbal products would actually transform skin’s appearance and health. True to that legacy, “Ishmi Luxury Beauty Food” skin care formulates natural, effective and safe products rooted in scientific research and backed by real results. Regenerate the power of ancient Ayurveda.

Discover the Ayurveda and beauty

Ayurveda also called the “Science Of Life” or “The Way Of Life”. The secrets of flawless skin and ageless beauty have been known to Indian traditional Ayurveda physician or Vaidya for over five thousand years.

Our manufacturing excellence

We manufacture World Class Quality Lavish Gifts with pharmaceutical grade production standards. We ensure that we deliver sophisticated products that are also safe for our environment also. All products are made by using traditional method with infused Ayurvedic herbs, edible oils, herbal extracts, herbal decoctions, organic butters, natural waxes, aromatic flowers and pure essential oils grown naturally and organically and most superior quality herbs sourced from regions across India and specific countries where specific herbs grown. Our standards are always pure, clean, fresh and natural ingredients.

Clean, cruelty free

All our products are manufactured at Shilpachem, 47-D, Fort, Laxmi Bai Nagar, Industrial Area, Indore and Manufactured & marketed by Shri Vikasanand Innovative Herbs, LW-11, Sethi Nagar, Ujjain – INDIA As our products are made with natural ingredients and made in small batches, there may be sometimes variations in their colour and fragrance.

“Beauty is in the skin”. Take care of it, always clean it, scrub it, oil it, pamper it and perfume it by Ishmi Luxury Beauty Food. Our skin is a reflection of us. It tells our age, our habits, our past experience, our diseases, our current vitality and it plays a big part in how we consider ourselves attractive.

Skin is remarkably resilient and despite your age, genetics, skin disease or amount of sun damage, with a well designed skin care program, some degree of improvement is always possible. When you make the decision to improve your skin “Ishmi Luxurious Beauty Food or “Ishmi Lavish Gifts” synonym of nature is always with you to give healthy skin.


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